by Pillärs

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first demo, limited to 100 cassettes hand-numbered. SOLD OUT


released February 24, 2016

Zach G.-guitar, vocals
Beth Anne-bass, vocals

Recorded December 2015 at All Pro Signs
Engineered by Paul Maccarrone
Mixed by Paul Maccarrone and Zach G.
Produced by Pillärs
Artwork "Ligeia" by Harry Clarke, 1889-1931 (public domain)
Layout by Beth Anne
Originally released by Tall Tee Tapes, Cleveland, Ohio



all rights reserved


Pillärs Cleveland, Ohio

Molotov cocktail of sludge, thrash, and doom. Thrown from Cleveland, Ohio.


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Track Name: Last Rites
We are the sons raised in the ruins
We are the daughters taught to obey
We are the fathers sent off to die
We are the mothers bearing the scars

-We won't follow you-

We are the faces lost in the crowd

We are the wolves outside the gates
We are the eyes haunting their dreams
We are the wind that howls in the night

-We won’t follow you-

Last rites for the enemy
Let them rot where they hang
No mercy for them who once held
the ropes around our necks

Set fire to the monuments
To their greed and their lust
Let the skyscrapers burn
And be stripped from all the earth

-We won’t follow you-
Track Name: Nothing Left
Black hole eyes

Stuck in my head like knives
Pushing the pain inside
There’s nothing left

No escape
Forcing myself awake
Feeling the growing weight
There’s nothing left

every day
watching you fade away
drinking yourself insane
there’s nothing left

out of time
drowning myself in lies
losing my mind each night
there’s nothing left
Track Name: Walking Ghost
I filled my heart
with steel and stone
I shed my soul
the skin and the bone
I turned off my mind
to be numb to the world
and all I have left
is the sickening sense

that I’m already dead

Tired eyes inside 
the skull of a ghost

piecing together what’s already broke

learning to live 
with the dust of the past
finding the strength to keep on the path
it’s not over yet

the wounds will heal in time

you will see the other side

the wind will be your guide
the wind will be your guide
Track Name: Behind the Wall
we search for the light
but find only shadows
confusion and loss

-so far away-

yet we climb ever higher
through smoke filled nights

our eyes consumed with fire

lost in the fog

some come to the light
some see with their eyes

the rest are in chains
and stay with the shadows

we push on through
to the edge of the world
but find no end

innocence is lost in the fire

as we return